Kieran O'Connor has had many lives

Will the real Kieran please stand up?

A few years ago, for some reason, my website completely fell off Google. It may have been because I moved its location on the server and the spiders hadn’t caught up with it; or it could be one of a myriad other reasons. Anyway, while I was trying to sort it out, I discovered that I’m not the only Kieran O’Connor out there roaming the internet. So, in order to clarify: I’m not dead, or in prison recently acquitted of murder in Australia. Nor have I become a talented landscape photographer or the star player for the Aghada GAA, currently battling a serious illness. I’m definitely not a JK Simmons look-alike, a lawyer, or a dentist or a top radio presenter.

I’m still just me – designing away, giving more time and attention than is strictly necessary to your logos, websites and brochures; still looking for that elusive perfect project: well-paid, lots of time, lots of creative freedom; still putting bread on the table in front of three hungry young mouths. And still here for you.

Don’t think that Google is the beginning and end of everything. Pick up the phone, send me a postcard or even try a good old-fashioned email and see what I can do for you.

All the best,


PS: be sure and check out this guy. Definitely heading for world domination.